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18 Jul 2017

Unique Wizard of Oz Collectibles


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Posted By Hattie K.

When I first found my grandmother's Wizard of Oz collectibles while going through the attic, I was surprised. Wizard of Oz dolls did not seem like her style. She has always been an extremely practical woman, you see, and collectible figurines do not fit in with that image of her. Her house doesn't look like a typical old lady's house. There are no collectible porcelain figurines, no blown glass, no sentimental pictures of her grandchildren when they were small. Everything is pretty plain. She has an almost Spartan aesthetic.

Her Wizard of Oz collectibles, by contrast, have a much different look to them. They were an early set of Wizard of Oz collectible dolls made soon after the movie, and they had an adorable, almost cherubic appearance. Even the flying witch and the monkeys looked absolutely adorable. They were very cute " not at all what I would expect her to possess.

My grandmother was always an interesting woman, and when I asked her a few questions about the Wizard of Oz collectibles she had an interesting reply. Apparently, when she was a kid the Wizard of Oz with one of her favorite movies. It actually inspired her towards being a writer. Although she had never realized her dreams of writing movies for Hollywood, the collectible figurines still remain precious for her. After all, she had composed several stories and scripts which are still kept safe and sound as treasured mementos of her earlier days.

Seeing those Wizard of Oz collectibles really enhanced my opinion of my grandmother. I had always seen her as sort of a two-dimensional figure. It is easy to take someone who you have known since your earliest childhood for granted. Seeing another hidden dimension of her personality has been an eye-opening and fascinating experience. Now I know that my grandmother, although plainspoken for the most part, could also be sentimental and even emotional at times. Holding on to Wizard of Oz dolls from her childhood simply because they have inspired her at one point was something that had seemed out of character for her, but in retrospect I'm sure that I know her better for finding them.

Last Christmas, as a matter of fact, I got her a new Wizard of Oz collectible doll. It was from a completely different series, and I wanted to see how she would react. Although I could tell that she didn't like it as much as her original Wizard of Oz collectibles, she still seem to really appreciate the effort I went through. She gave me a big hug and smiled at me.


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