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25 Jun 2017

John Wayne Collectibles For Aficionados of This Western Hero


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Posted By Ralph M.

John Wayne was brought into this world as Marion Mitchell Morrison on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa. He was the son of pharmacist Clyde Morrison and his wife Mary. John Wayne memorabilia have always been extremely popular but are becoming much more so ever since the celebration of his 100th birthday in 2007.

John Wayne the actor portrayed renowned murderers of Native Americans in many of his movies. John Wayne may have been born in Iowa, but he went to Glendale High School and then USC to study acting (and pre-law, although he never finished).

John Wayne has appeared in more than 200 films in over 50 years. He was an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning actor. John Wayne captured the hearts and minds of millions of people, starring as the ultimate Western hero and was one of the icons of the American movie industry. He continues to be one of the most recognizable film stars ever and signifies the enduring spirit of the American West.

John Wayne dearly loved America, and was incredibly supportive of its military services. He is much loved by millions of people around the globe and, in January of this year, he placed 3rd among the list of America's favorite film stars, based on a Harris Poll. John Wayne was a larger than life cowboy with strength, pride, honor...he was the kind of guy you connect with being a great American.

John Wayne endures in the hearts of enthusiasts across the globe. John Wayne is a legend, a cultural phenomenon, an American legend. He was a man who stood larger-than-life to his countless admirers. Now, a John Wayne collector plate collection and replica rifle display frame honors this no-nonsense straight shooter and his contribution to the cinematic landscape. The John Wayne collectible knife replica is finished with the Duke's replica signature.

Absolutely no lover of John Wayne Westerns could be complete without a belt buckle made to memorialize the actor. It's also possible to remember the Duke with the exclusive, limited edition John Wayne wall clock. An outstanding collection of John Wayne memorabilia features distinctive items like the eyepatch worn in the movie True Grit, a hat worn in Rio Lobo, plus a prop suitcase used in the film Stagecoach.

In half a century of classic motion pictures, John Wayne grew to become the perfect Western idol, a man of bravery and conviction and honest to goodness American morals. His oldest motion picture is "Stagecoach" that was produced in 1939 and made John Wayne a movie star. There is absolutely no lack of great memorabilia for admirers of John Wayne memorabilia.

There are a wide array of John Wayne memorabilia available to the avid enthusiast. There is a cottage industry in John Wayne memorabilia, and his movies are reshuffled each and every Christmas into brand new combinations of classics boxed for video gift-giving. Demand for these unique John Wayne collectibles continues to grow.

John Wayne memorabilia is really popular and quite easy to find. Visit for a great deal of classic west collectibles. Get your John Wayne memorabilia now and remember the times that this great actor, film producer and director contributed to the entertainment industry.

The exceptional interest generated in John Wayne memorabilia by Heritage's public auction of the Personal Property of John Wayne last October has not lessened, as excellent pieces still surface for auction, such as the following two excellent pieces: A John Wayne 'Bib' Shirt from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Paramount, 1962, estimated at $10,000+, and a John Wayne autographed prop rifle from The Alamo, United Artists, 1960, signed by the Duke in 1975, some 15 years following the celebrated film's release. That might explain the reason why a recent auction of John Wayne collectibles fetched an amazing $5.38 million.

John Wayne enthusiasts can get John Wayne memorabilia and display it with pride inside their home. The Timeless Hero collectible stained-glass wall clock is one other product you would like to obtain for your John Wayne memorabilia collection or as a fantastic present for a John Wayne lover. Now, you can remember the Duke with a remarkable belt buckle wall art collection.

You will find a large amount of John Wayne collectible items available for anyone that is searching. John Wayne recovered from having cancer of the lung in the 1960s, but regrettably died in 1979 from stomach cancer. John Wayne memorabilia helps his memory to live on for ever.


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