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7 Jul 2017

Review: Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collector Batman Figure


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Posted By Norma C.

This is a six figure collection (although there are two standalone figures issued through Toys R Us & Wal-Mart), and in an effort to encourage collectors to complete the set, each figure comes with a single piece of the Bat signal which can only be completed by buying all six figures. Although durable enough to be used as a toy, the Movie Masters Collector Batman Figure is definitely targeted at collectors and not young children. You would expect that the title character would be the most sought after figure in any collection, but does this hold true with The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collection? Features Of The Movie Masters Batman Figure * 6 inch scale, * Authentic design based on Batman The Dark Knight Rises, * Excellent articulation, * 1 of 6 pieces needed to complete Bat signal. Is The Movie Masters Batman Figure Worth Buying? The problem with The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Batman figure is that you’ve probably seen him before. This is the same figure that was released for The Dark Knight. Granted, this Batman figure has far superior paintwork, but at its core it is the exact same figure. This does not make it a bad collector’s figure – far from it. This is an extremely well made, durable Batman figure with excellent articulation. The paint and design of the suit is much more pleasing on the eye. That aside, there is not much to distinguish this Batman from The Dark Knight Batman. That being said, there is no doubt that buyers will flock to collect The DKR Movie Masters Batman. It’s a must have, if for no other reason than collectors looking to assemble the Bat signal cannot do so without Batman. Speaking of the Bat signal, it is surprisingly big and will be very impressive when assembled. It is unfortunate that collectors were not offered something more to entice them to buy, but the point is moot. Although there is nothing wrong with this Batman; he is an excellent collector’s figure, seeing this Batman and The Dark Knight’s Batman standing beside each other leaves somewhat of a sour taste in your mouth.


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